Friday, November 14, 2008

Barack Obama’s Facebook Page Helped Him Win the Election 2.0 Battle

Barack Obama’s embracing of Facebook and Web 2.0 has been unprecedented. They encouraged their supporters to interact with the Obama08 campaign through Facebook and other Web 2.0 sites.

Facebook, in conjunction with their website, was leveraged to galvanize, organize, and mobilize their supporters. Obama08 created a Facebook Page to engage their supporters and to drive traffic to their website.

FaceBook Pages
Facebook Pages are a great way for your customers and prospects to connect with your brand. The content on these Pages can be customized and targeted to your niche.

There are many Facebook Page features that the Obama 2008 U.S. Presidential campaign implemented on their road to victory. These features and applications can be used by entrepreneurs and Internet marketers to build there presence on Facebook.

Favorite Pages
If you view an interesting and relevant Facebook Page, you can add that Page to your Favorite Pages application or module. You can create Facebook Pages that are relevant to your niche and add them to this section of your Facebook Page.

Notes is the blogging feature of Facebook which allows you to create a mini-blog on your Facebook page. You can manually post messages or you can import posts from another blog feed.

The photos application allows you to add relevant images and photos to your Facebook Page. You can create photo albums and upload an unlimited number of images to Facebook.

Posted Items
You can upload and post profiles, photos, photo albums, notes, News Feed stories, and external content to your Facebook Page through the Posted Items application. This sharing application enables you to share relevant items you find on the Internet to your Facebook Page.Supporters/

This is the section of your Facebook Page that lists all of you fans, followers, and supporters. You can interact with fans directly by sending updates and messages to your fans. Information
Additional information can also be added to your Facebook Page. The Information application includes info about your website addresses, company overview, mission, and products.

The Mini-Feed includes daily information concerning your Facebook activity. It displays a variety of information including profile changes, events, comments, and birthdays.

The Wall
Fans can post messages to your Facebook Page in The Wall. The Wall is a section of your Page that allows you and your fans to post messages for others to view.

YouTube Box
YouTube Box is a third-party application that allows you to add videos to your Page that others and view. You can add individual videos or a YouTube channel to your YouTube Box section.

Profile Picture
A logo, photo, or other image of your choice will be prominently displayed at the top of your Facebook Page. A thumbnail version of your image is also used for your presence throughout Facebook.

Select Administrators
Facebook gives you the ability to select administrators from your Friends to help you edit and manage your Pages. This feature is great for busy entrepreneurs who don’t have the time to manage their own profiles.

View Insights
View Page statistics through the View Insights features. It’s not very robust, but you can analyze your Pages’ fans, page views, unique views, Wall posts, discussion topics, reviews, and photo views. You can also export your data for further analysis.

Facebook Pages are hard to find on Facebook. You can access Facebook Pages by clicking the advertising link from the bottom of the Home Page.

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