Saturday, November 8, 2008

Obama08 Leveraged Twitter to Drive Traffic to Their Website and Help Win an Election Part 2 – Twitter Action Plan for Small Businesses

This is the second part of an article about how the Obama08 presidential campaign leveraged Twitter as a marketing tool. The first part was about how Barack Obama promoted his marketing message and built his brand awareness on Twitter.

Increase Their Number of Followers

By Election Day, Barack Obama had over 115,000 followers. That's the largest number of followers that anyone had on Twitter.

Barack Obama has excellent name recognition and is very popular. This was the primary driving force behind his 'super-sized' follower count. But Obama's activity on Twitter was another driving force behind the huge number of followers he has on Twitter.

The Obama08 campaign was very active in following other people on Twitter. Barack Obama followed over 119,000 people by Election Day. When you follow people on Twitter, you stand a better chance of being followed.

Drive Traffic to Their Website

The primary traffic driver from Twitter was the links in the status updates. Another traffic driver was the link in his Twitter profile. These links pointed to relevant and targeted pages on the web site.

Implementing the Obama08 Twitter Marketing Campaign

Most of us don't have the resources, time, or money to hire a dedicated social networking team to manage our Twitter accounts. Also, accruing over 115,000 Twitter followers isn't within most of our reach.

But the great thing about Twitter is that it's easily scalable to your objectives and resources. Entrepreneurs, home-based businesses, Internet marketers, affiliate marketers, and professionals can achieve their objectives on Twitter like Barack Obama.

It starts with establishing realistic Twitter expectations and objectives. Your objectives should revolve around adding followers and sending status updates to drive traffic to your web site.

Obama08 Twitter Action Plan

1. Open a Twitter Account with your real name as the username

2. Create a profile

  • Add your targeted keywords in the bio section
  • Upload a logo or photo
  • Add your real name
  • Add your website
  • Enter your location
3. Customize Your Background
  • Add a background image to your profile
  • Change the theme and background color
4. Start following people and people will begin to follow you
  • Search for profiles and messages with your keywords with Twitter Search
  • Follow the followers of the people you are following
5. Status Updates
  • Send out one status update every other day
  • Make sure the updates provide value to your followers
  • Add a link to all updates to relevant and targeted web pages on your website
  • Use a URL shortening service to add links to your status updates

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Simply Fearless said...

First thought before even finishing your article: it's very disturbing that Obama has a brand marketing campaign. I understand the necessity. And it's still disturbing. Now, I'm going back to read the rest of the article.

Simply Fearless Solopreneur said...

Okay, now I've read your article and you've given some kickass advice. I'm going to publish a review and link to this post. Rock on!